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Philips tanning starters: a complete range of easy-to-install eco-friendly starters for tanning lamps operating on a conventional electromagnetic ballast

Starters for tanning lamps

Starters for tanning lamps

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    Range of premium-quality starters for igniting fluorescent lamps operating on electromagnetic ballasts


    Easy to install (click and switch)
    Safe ignition


    Narrowed starter shape and two extra notches (patented innovation)
    Flame-retardant components and UV-resistant canister
    Lead-free, and no radioactive substances


    Starter replacement recommended when replacing fluorescent lamps


    Ignite fluorescent lamps (all brands) operating on a conventional electromagnetic ballast.
    Bodytone Starter 25-100W - 220-240V~, 25-100W, Single application
    Bodytone Starter 120-180W - 220-240V~, 120-180W, Single application
    S12 Bodytone Starter 115-140W - 220-240V~, 115-140W, Single application
    S16 Starter 220-240~, 70, 75, 85, 100, 125W, Single application

    Flame-retardant components
    UV-resistant canister
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