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Essential LV Capsule

Essential LV Capsule

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    The Essential LV Capsule is part of the Philips "Value for Money" ranges. It is the smallest lamp available on the market, ideal for professional end-users looking for bright sparkling light from a compact light source in hotels and restaurants.


    Small size for an easy fit into the luminaire
    Axial filament to create a uniform beam
    Best dimmability to meet different brightness requirements


    Bright sparkling light to create ambient atmosphere.
    Excellent color rendering (Ra=100) to present the true color of objects.
    Instant start to offer direct brightness from the moment switch on.
    No mercury to ensure the safety usage.
    Reliable quality to be trusted.


    Hotels and restaurants

    This lamp is pressurised and could shatter, so to avoid any injury and to avoid exposure to ultraviolet radiation, use only in fixtures that provide a protective shield of tempered glass.
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