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Compact Source – for higher performance luminaires

Compact Source

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    The very compact filament in the Compact Source series helps create a proportionately high beam intensity and the Compact Source range is therefore ideal for the latest generation of high-performance luminaires, Also, thanks to their low energy consumption, each dimmer can serve significantly more fixtures, thereby reducing overall dimmer costs. What’s more, the Compact Source lamps incorporate the innovative P3 technology, developed by Philips, which enables the lamps to be used at higher temperatures in any burning position. This results in longer lamp lifetimes, reduced lamp replacement costs, and a more consistent lighting performance over the whole lifetime of the lamp.


    Increased shock-resistance through improved construction of filament support
    Combination of innovative luminaire reflector design and the Philips Compact Source lamps produces greater efficiency of the total optical system


    Reduced energy consumption allows more luminaires to be operated on each dimmer
    P3 technology for Reliability, Quality and Freedom:
    Reliability - longer lifetime with fewer early failures
    Quality - excellent storage characteristics and consistent performance over time
    Freedom - in both luminaire design and burning position


    Studio, stage and entertainment lighting
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