• Product description

    • Glow effect – warm light all around with the MASTER LEDbulb 8-40W
    • Soft, warm light with the MASTER LEDbulb 6W, 8W and 12W
    • Up to 80% energy saving compared with traditional incandescent lamps
    • Lower maintenance costs
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MASTER LEDbulb A60 12-60W, 8-40W and 6-25W, as well as the A55 6-25W delivers a dimmable glow effect for a welcoming, warm atmosphere, making it ideal for general lighting applications in the hospitality industry. Its unique design radiates warm light in all directions, making it a true alternative to the incandescentlamp. It is particularly suitable for public areas such as lobbies, corridors, stairwells, where the light is always on. Compatible with existing fixtures with an E27 holder and designed for retrofit replacement of 60W, 40W and 25W incandescent bulbs, MASTER LEDbulb delivers huge energy savings and minimizes maintenance cost without any compromise on light quality. It can be used together with most leading-edge dimmers, enabling further efficiencies while helping to create the desired atmosphere.


Retrofittable with existing E27 holders
Lifetime of 25000 to 45000 hours
Compatible with an extensive range of dimmers
UV- and IR-free light
Free of mercury and hazardous materials


Hotels, restaurants, bars, cafés
Lobbies, corridors, stairwells, reception areas
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