Digital Cinema Xenon B-type lamps

Barco digital cinema projectors

Barco digital cinema projectors

Barco digital cinema projectors

  • Digital Cinema Xenon B-type lamps

    • Increased brightness on the screen
    • Optimum projector performance
    • Constant color temperature
    • High arc stability and long life


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제품군 정보

Digital Xenon Cinema B-type lamps are ideal for today’s demanding 3D and 2D digital cinema presentations. They are especially designed for Barco projectors. There is a choice of three power ratings in the B-type Digital Xenon Cinema lamps range: 3000W, 4000W, or 6500W. There is also a choice of three power ratings in the BH-type Digital Helios lamps: 2000W, 3000W, and 4200W power ratings. All these lamps produce the very high light output needed to maximize screen brightness and enhance the dramatic effect for the viewer. These long-life digital lamps also provide constant color temperature characteristics, and meet all of the stringent arc-stability requirements for consistent customer satisfaction. In addition to B-type Digital Cinema Xenon lamps there are C-, N-, S-, and TA-type Digital Cinema Xenon lamps. These are all individually customized per projector, so there is a different, perfect-fitting lamp for each projector model to ensure optimized projector performance.


Higher light output than standard lamps
Customized by projector model
Pure xenon fill gas
Proprietary, advanced electrode design
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