Product Description

Fortimo LED LLM Drivers

Fortimo LED LLM Drivers

Fortimo LED LLM Drivers

  • Product Description

    • Significant energy savings
    • Enables uniform rectangular light patterns without lumen depreciation or compromise on visual comfort over the system’s long lifetime
    • Reduced time to market and supply chain complexity


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제품군 정보

The Fortimo LLM system (linear module, driver and cable) represents a breakthrough in the energy efficiency of LED-based general lighting.


Breakthrough efficiency at system level of up to 80 lm/W
Fortimo technology applied (remote phosphor film layer)
Fixed form factor
Easy to install, replace and upgrade
Choice of two tones of white light; good color rendering and consistency


Each Fortimo LED LLM system is a combination of a specific module and driver connected by a cable. As all components have to be ordered separately, care must be taken when selecting the components. The 3000 and 4500lm modules are driven by the 75W driver with integrated cable. For the 1100 and 1800lm systems the 35W driver is needed in combination with a separate cable. The system layout is relatively simple. Each system is determined by three main parameters: lumen output, correlated color temperature and dimming.


Retrofitting of frosted light sources such as (compact) fluorescent (PLL, TL-D, TL5), high-pressure mercury (HPL) and high-pressure sodium (SON) lamps
Functional lighting for residential outdoor (streets, parks, city centers) and public outdoor spaces (amenity, car parks and bus/train platforms), as well as wall-washing and floodlighting (billboards)
Cold-storage distribution centers, security/safety lighting, general indoor lighting (stairwells, corridors) and solar (off-grid)
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