Vaya LineBar LED

  • Vaya LineBar LED

    • Innovative and compact
    • Exceptional design freedom
    • Easy to experience


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제품군 정보

Vaya LineBar LED is an ultra slim LED profile which provides tremendous flexibility to integrate seamlessly with architectural structures. It brings urban landscapes to life with dynamic color-changing images - a property rarely possible with conventional lighting systems. Vaya LineBar also illuminates facades and intrinsic building details with vivid, color-changing light to accentuate building structures.


Innovative and compact
  • Supports dynamic image and text display patterns with up to 6.7 million (24bit) RGB colors
  • Made with durable, high-brightness and energy-efficient components
  • A specially designed built-in cover in its housing delivers better protection to the LEDs and minimizes the risk of ESDs
Exceptional design freedom
  • Miniaturized design gives fantastic flexibility to lighting designers for integration into confined spaces and the ability to highlight architectural details
  • Seamless lighting effects
Easy to experience
  • Compatible with DMX control for RGB version and just switch on-off for mono versions


Façade lighting
Accent lighting
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