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        Product family information

        Ceramic metal halide lamp with clear tubular outer bulb shape, used in outdoor offering pleasant white light


        White warm colour impression providing comfort and safety
        Easy upgrade from SON to white light without additional cost
        Flexible light levels and reduced energy consumption possible via dimming option


        High-quality white light
        Directly retrofit on HPS (SON/NAV) installations for upgrade from yellow to white light
        "Plus" concept with high efficacy translates into high light output and improved lumen maintenance
        Good colour rendering and harmonized warm white colour temperature


        Beautification and functional lighting for City centers, shopping centers and pedestrian areas, residential areas, road lighting and floodlighting

        Use only in totally enclosed luminaire, even during testing (IEC61167, IEC 62035, IEC60598)
        The luminaire must be able to contain hot lamp parts if the lamp ruptures
        Lamps may use electronic or electromagnetic control gear
        Control gear must include end-of-life protection (IEC61167, IEC 62035)
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