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        Product family information

        With its EyeComfort design, Apex provides comfortable high-quality LED light for home and residential projects. Its long lifetime and high lumen maintenance ensures a bright light level over time. With various shapes and sizes, it can work in the bedroom to a big living room, and from a dining room to the kitchen. Installation becomes easier with an easy connector and installation bracket.


        Ensure comfortable LED light all around the home, for residential application
        Hassle-free easy installation saves time and effort
        Stay bright for the long life time


        High-quality LED light with EyeComfort features, safe from blue light hazard risk
        Easy to install with an easy connector and bracket
        Various models and sizes to fit all rooms in residential situations
        Long lifetime of 20,000 hours with high lumen maintenance
        Uniform light distribution


        Residential, home: living room, bedroom, dining room, kitchen
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